Many times, if drywall installation is done incorrectly, it’s not obvious to the untrained eye. Yet faulty installation will eventually result in having holes, gaps and dents in the walls. This is why drywall installation is best done by a capable drywall contractor. Each step in drywall installation requires careful attention and care. However, damaged drywall can be replaced or easily patched if done correctly.

Most owners and contractors do not realize the different levels of drywall finishes are set forth based on different sheens of paint (flat paint, semi-gloss paint, or glossy/epoxy paint). If planning to use a flat paint, in rooms with low light visibility, a level 4 finish is a suitable for textured or smooth finished walls. If planning to use an egg-shell, semi-gloss or epoxy like paint, level 5 finishes are highly recommended whether using a smooth or textured finish on walls or ceilings.

Let us help you determine which finish will best fit the needs of the project.